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Investment Property Mendoza Vineyard Investment mendoza, argentina
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    Development Property Mendoza Vineyard Estates Lots mendoza, argentina
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      Mendoza Argentina Real Estate

      An Overview of

      Mendoza Argentina Real EstateMendoza is a province in western Argentina, as well as the name of its capital city. The city of Mendoza is a small, pedestrian-friendly city surrounded by suburban areas making it the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country. Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina.

      As Argentina's most famous wine-producing region, Mendoza has been designated one of eight Great Wine Capitals of the world.  The provincial and national border with Chile lies in the Andes mountains, so mountain scenery and sports are also major attractions. 

      Mendoza was settled by both Italian and Spanish immigrants, giving the city and provincial towns a European atmosphere. Because the land is arid, irrigation canals called acequias water shade trees lining both sides of all the streets.  Plazas with fountains, sidewalk cafes and restaurants, late-night dining, and fire-grilled asados featuring a variety of meats are all characteristic of the local culture. 

      Neighborhoods in Mendoza 

      Most expats settle either in the city of Mendoza, a few upscale suburbs, nearby wine regions, or the more rural Uco Valley.  Just over an hour away, Uco Valley is the newest wine region, with spectacular views of the high mountains. The Mendoza area offers many real estate investments in vineyards, land, wineries, vineyard developments with estate homes, and apartments or condos.

      Centro:  At the heart of Mendoza lies a small historical city, convenient and walkable.  Built around the 4-square-block Plaza Independencia and four smaller plazas at its corners, the streets are lined with businesses, older homes, and apartment buildings.  With abundant stores, offices, restaurants, bars and cafes, the city center offers a friendly atmosphere, relaxed lifestyle, and entertainment opportunities. 

      La Quinta:  Just west of Centro, La Quinta Sección is the city's upper-class neighborhood, with quiet streets and luxurious older houses an easy walk or short cab ride to shopping areas.  Houses here, as elsewhere, are built on the Latin model that encloses the entire lot with a wall hiding most of the living area and the back yard from the street.  Sumptuous gardens, swimming pools, and gracious homes can be hidden behind modest facades. 

      Chacras de Cória:  A suburban neighborhood near the southern edge of the metropolitan area, Chacras was once a separate small town. Today artisans often sell their wares at weekend fairs on the town's small plaza.  Houses here range from mansions to middle-class, but most are large and surrounded by spacious yards in the North American model.  Gated communities are also popular in Chacras. 

      Mendoza Vineyard Argentina Real EstateMaipú and Luján de CuyoTwo traditional small cities south of Mendoza center, Maipú and Luján are the region's oldest wine-producing areas.  Most expats who move to these areas buy rural lots, vineyards or even wineries, and build country homes close to urban conveniences. 

      Valle de UcoA new divided highway links Mendoza city to the market town of Tunuyán, at the edge of the Uco Valley, a trip of about 40 minutes.  Homes with vineyard and mountain views lie another 15-20 minutes closer to the Andes.  A small but thriving international community enjoys country life here, combined with fine dining and cultural events hosted by neighboring wineries.  Not yet Napa nor quite country-chic, the valley is authentically Argentine with a splash of international flavor. 

      Quick Facts and Figures about Mendoza: 

      • Altitude:  Mendoza city: 746.5 m (2,449 ft.); Valle de Uco:  900–1,200m (3,000–3,900 ft.)
      • Province:  Mendoza
      • City Population: 115,041
      • Metro Area Population: 1,055,679
      • International Airport:  El Plumerillo International Airport (MDZ)
      • Currency: Argentina peso (ARS)
      • Time Zone: ART (UTC-3)  (two hours ahead of EST time in North America)
      • Average Temperature: Jan. highs 32C (90F), lows 18C (65F); July highs 15C (59F), lows 2C (36F)
      • Seasons:  Summer Dec. 21-Mar. 21; Autumn Mar. 21-June 21; Winter June 21-Sept. 21; Spring Sept. 21-Dec. 21 

      History of Mendoza 

      Mendoza Argentina Real EstateFounded in 1561 by Spanish settlers, the city of Mendoza was built on land occupied by three indigenous groups: the Huarpes, Puelches and Incas. An earthquake in 1861 destroyed the adobe-brick city, killing 5,000 inhabitants.  Remains of the original city can be seen at the Museo del Área Fundacional. 

      When the city was rebuilt nearby, it was designed with large plazas and wide streets to provide open spaces for citizens to take refuge in case of another major earthquake.  The system of irrigation trenches designed by the Huarpes to carry water from the foothills to the arid plain below was expanded by European settlers, allowing population growth and agricultural development. 

      The resultant open spaces and boulevards, acequias and tree-lined streets give Mendoza a style and charm distinct among cities in Argentina.

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        Mendoza Vineyard Estates Lotsmendoza, argentina, south americanLots$0.00 USDMendoza Argentina vineyard real estate lots for sale in a Mendoza vineyard. Build your dream home in Argentina. Club house, pool, tennis courts in place.
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        Mendoza Vineyard Investmentmendoza, argentina, south americanVineyards$0.00 USDMendoza Argentina vineyard investment in a vineyard real estate development. Build a new estate home on your lot. Clubhouse & property rental program.
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