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Development Property Mendoza Vineyard Estates Lots mendoza, argentina
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    Investment Property Mendoza Vineyard Investment mendoza, argentina
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      Property For Rent San Rafael Long Term Rental san rafael, argentina
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        Why Argentina Real Estate?

        An Overview of

        Argentina Real EstateWaves of immigration from throughout Europe give Argentina a more European atmosphere than most Latin American countries.  Known for the sophisticated cultural life of Buenos Aires, Argentina also offers slower-paced provincial cities, small towns, world-class wine producing regions such as Mendoza, and vast farming and ranch lands stretching from Patagonia to the far north.
        The country's economy is as extreme and variable as its geography, cycling from boom to bust on a regular basis.  Today, as the country nears the low point of this cycle, foreign investors can take advantage of the falling value of the peso and, in some cases, real estate prices.

        Argentina Real Estate Market

        Please contact us for prices of property for rent,  real estate for sale, and property investments in Argentina.
        • In 2014, Buenos Aires Province real estate transactions were their lowest in a decade, down 7.9% from 2013. 
        • Since 2011, when the present government imposed restrictions on acquiring US dollars, transactions have fallen 28.11% in the province. 
        • The peso's devaluation has been gradual, and no one is predicting the severity of crisis seen in 2001-2.
        • The country is in recession, squeezed between a peso devalued by X% in2014, and inflation reported at 44%.
        • Properties are a bargain in dollar terms. Land, homes, houses, and even vineyards for sale offer great investment value right now.
        • The falling peso makes construction a bargain, despite inflation.

        Real Estate Investment, Taxes and Doing Business in Argentina

        • Buyers’ costs: 6.83-8.34%
        • Total real estate transactions costs: 9.93% - 11.64%
        • International investors can buy and sell properties without restriction.
        • Capital gains on properties owned by nonresident individuals (rather than corporations) are not taxed.
        • Real estate sales are done in US dollars, cash only, and getting the dollars into Argentina requires either withdrawing pesos from a bank and buying back dollars at the official exchange rate, or using a private broker.  Either way will cost around 1-2%.
        • Property developers can assist foreign buyers in navigating the private broker exchange system to get the best rate for their dollars.
        • Rental income taxes:  effective rate of 21%
        • Rental income tax (withheld by tenants) is 24.5% of 60% of gross income, or 35% of actual net income, if the owner chooses.
        • Rental income is also subject to gross revenue tax of 3-5%
        • Provincial stamp taxes ranging 0.5-2.5%.
        • Non-residential properties are also subject to 21% VAT.

        Property taxes:

        • National personal assets tax on nonresidents is 1.25%
        • Urban properties generating income are instead subject to business net worth tax of 1%
        • Municipal property tax rates, based on assessed value not to exceed 80% of market value:
        • Rural properties: 1.20%
        • Sub-rural and suburban properties:  1.35%
        • Urban properties: 1.50%
        • Municipal services tax: 0.55%
        Landlord and Tenant
        • Rental agreements are for no less than two years.
        • Rent is commonly adjusted after the first year (or even six months) for inflation, at a rate stipulated in the contract.
        • Landlord-tenant laws are pro-tenant.

        Argentina Residency Visas

        Argentina offers a variety of temporary residency visas, which are required before applying for permanent resident status. Most sources recommend starting the application process in your home country, where many documents need to be certified as valid.  The process can be protracted and complex, and legal assistance is highly recommended.  We work with Argentine attorneys who can help you navigate the immigration system.
        Temporary one-year residency visas of interest include:
        Investor Visa: Required investment: 1,500,000 Argentine pesos (US$173,370.32 at 8.652 pesos to the dollar) in any lawful activity linked to productive activity, trade or services. The applicant must provide proof that the funds are of legal origin and enter the country through approved financial institutions, and a business proposal in Spanish.  The proposal will be evaluated by the  Ministry Of Industry And Tourism for the nature, legal feasibility and economic and financial sustainability of the project.  The National Directorate of Immigration will take into account the recommendation of this Ministry in deciding whether to proceed to the next step of application, which includes a personal interview.  Additional documentation will be  required.
        Financier or Private Income Visa: Minimum required monthly income: 8,000 Argentine pesos (US$984.856 at  8.652 pesos to the dollar). The applicant must show proof of income from investments in banks or foreign companies, or securities issued by the Argentine banking system, and purchased with resources drawn from outside the country. He must also prove that those funds are of legal origin. The applicant must prove that this income is sufficient to meet his maintenance and his primary family group.
        Pensioner Visa: Minimum required monthly income: 8,000 Argentine pesos (US$984.856 at  8.652 pesos to the dollar). The applicant must present a certificate issued by an international government or organization that certifies the regular receipt of a pension or retirement payment.  The applicant also must prove the amount and duration of the benefit, and provide evidence of where it comes from and where it is deposited.
        Permanent residency can be applied for after two years of living in Argentina on a temporary resident visa.
        [Source:] (English)

        Argentina Real Estate Markets of Interest

        Buenos Aires Real Estate: Nearly 13 million people in Greater Buenos Aires, dwarfing  other cities in Argentina.  The political and cultural capital of the country, Buenos Aires offers European style at a fraction of the cost of Europe.  Real estate investment options include luxury apartments in the city center, vacation rentals, suburban luxury homes and business properties.
        Argentina Real EstateCordoba:  Argentina's second largest city and one the oldest Spanish colonial capitals, Cordoba is known as a university and commercial center.
        Mendoza Real Estate:  The wine capital of Argentina, Mendoza is recognized internationally as one of the Eight Wine Capitals of the World.  Set at the foot of the Andes, the province of Mendoza also offers stunning scenery and active outdoor living.  Real estate investment options include vineyards, vineyard estate homes, farmland, land, and wineries.

        Living in Argentina

        Argentina offers a quality of life that revolves around good friends, good food, good wine and good times.  No matter what their economic and political difficulties, Argentinians take time to meet a friend for coffee (or conduct business at one of the many street cafes), go out to dinner with friends, or invite them over for one of their famous asados (BBQ's)– a variety of meats grilled over wood coals.
        Argentinians don't take short-cuts; they don't rush.  Good food, good wines and good times are worth the time they take.
        For foreigners who have dollars or euros to bring into the country, this good life is also a great value.  If you're not living cheaply in Argentina right now, it's only because there are so many wonderful restaurants, great wines, and other ways to spend your money – and your budget will likely stretch to accommodate as many as you choose.

        Argentina Location and Geography

        Argentina Real EstateArgentina, the second-largest country in South America, is a land of beautiful extremes.
        The highest peak in the Americas, Aconcagua, lies in the Andes Mountains in western Mendoza Province, near the border with Chile, while the east coast borders the Atlantic Ocean.
        To the north, the country borders Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, while its southern tip stretches toward Antarctica.
        Argentina's length would stretch from central Canada to central Mexico, and encompasses the subtropical north, wind-swept deserts, and snow-capped mountains, glaciers and lakes reminiscent of Switzerland.
        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Argentina]

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         Real Estate & Property Investments

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          The Villa Club at Calitinasan rafael, argentina, south americanDevelopments$249000.00 USDA private enclave for wine aficionados where owners and their guests can fully experience the Mendoza wine lifestyle in a relaxed, casual environment.
        • property-photo
          Mendihill Estatessan rafael, argentina, south americanAgricultural$1200000.00 USDAgricultural business for sale in San Rafael Argentina. Sustainable Sun Dried Tomato Production
        • property-photo
          House for Sale in Mendozasan rafael, argentina, south americanHouses$580000.00 USDExcellent Home for Sale in San Rafael Mendoza, 478 m2 over a lot of 4000m2 with beautiful park surrounding it.
        • property-photo
          Mendoza Vineyard Estates Lotsmendoza, argentina, south americanLots$0.00 USDMendoza Argentina vineyard real estate lots for sale in a Mendoza vineyard. Build your dream home in Argentina. Club house, pool, tennis courts in place.
        • property-photo
          Mendoza Vineyard Investmentmendoza, argentina, south americanVineyards$0.00 USDMendoza Argentina vineyard investment in a vineyard real estate development. Build a new estate home on your lot. Clubhouse & property rental program.
        • property-photo
          San Rafael 3 BR Family Homesan rafael, argentina, south americanHouses$150000.00 USDSan Rafael Argentina. Large, comfortable family home with 3 bedrooms, plus a self contained cabin in demand during tourist season generating rental income.
        • property-photo
          San Rafael Long Term Rentalsan rafael, argentina, south americanHouses$1200.00 USDLarge and comfortable 3 bedroom house for rent in San Rafael, Argentina surrounded by vineyards and eucalyptus woods with a stunning view of the River Atuel
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