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Vacation Rental Cartagena Vacation Rental on Beach cartagena, colombia
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    Property For Rent San Rafael Long Term Rental san rafael, argentina
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      Property For Sale Lima Beautiful Apartment for Sale lima, peru
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        South American Property and Real Estate Investments

        An Overview of  Countries

        South American PropertyAlthough sometimes described as a subcontinent of the Americas, South America is a continent in its own right.  It is physically connected to North American via Colombia, and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and north, and by North America and the Caribbean Sea to the northwest.

        The 12 nations forming South America are:

        The majority of the continent’s inhabitants live near the west or east coasts, and the interior and far south of the continent are sparsely populated.

        Western South America is dominated by the Andes Mountains, which affect everything from the climate to the geography to the quality of the land.  In contrast, the eastern part of South American contains highlands and expansive lowlands, and is dominated by important rivers such as the Amazon, Paraná and Orinoco. 

        Culturally the continent embraces a blend of influences: from the indigenous peoples to the immigrants and conquerors who came from Europe, and the African slaves they brought with them.  And South America today is a vibrant and thrilling part of the world, offering unrivaled potential for investors seeking massive opportunity, and for expatriates seeking a low cost, laid back way of life.

        As the entire region strives towards regional and international integration, English is widely spoken in many of the nations’ capital cities; otherwise the main languages of South America are Portuguese and Spanish.

        Argentina Real Estate

        Argentina Real EstateAs one of the most European influenced nations in the entire South American region, Argentina is considered a very accessible market by international investors.  Currently approaching the bottom of its cyclical economic peak trough phase, Argentina today offers investors a fantastic opportunity for acquisition and growth.

        With a real estate market that’s freely open to foreign buyers and which doesn’t tax the capital gains of nonresident individuals, Argentina’s property offering is attractive.  Homes, farms, vineyards and land are offered for sale in US dollars, and with the value of the local peso falling, construction costs are very affordable.

        In terms of the investment potential, as Argentina is in recession, suffering the dual effects of a devalued currency and inflation, and it’s considered to be approaching the bottom of its economic cycle there may never be a better time to buy.  Investors, second home hunters and expatiates have strong negotiating power and the potential to secure bargain transactions. 

        Areas of maximum interest include vibrant Buenos Aires or cosmopolitan Cordoba for commercial and high-end residential, or the Mendoza wine growing and tourism region for everything from idyllic ranches to productive vineyards.

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Argentina]

        Please visit our Argentina Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Brazil Real Estate

        Brazil Real EstateHaving enjoyed unrivaled economic success over the past 7 years, Brazil’s current outlook is less prosperous and has resulted in a cooling of the real estate market as speculators have abandoned it.  This is good news for investors looking for long-term potential, expatriates seeking a bargain, and anyone shopping for the world’s best farmland because it’s a buyer’s market in Brazil.

        Non-residents can own clear title to real estate in Brazil, and foreign nationals with residency in Brazil can own farmland.

        The fundamentals supporting Brazil’s long-term prospects are excellent, but they are being overshadowed by its current economic concerns.  Investors can however seek confidence from the fact that Brazil will have increasing local demand for real estate from a growing middle class.

        Brazil also has an advancing tourism market which supports an investor’s commitment: and the fact that the huge gap between rich and poor is very slowly being bridged is driving up costs for land and real estate naturally too.

        Add to this the fact that Brazil is the world’s breadbasket, yet it’s currently suffering from severe drought problems, and you have an environment absolutely right for immediate investor commitment – because the market is subdued, prices are depressed, yet the potential for returns exists and is strong.

        Some of the best locations for consideration include Rio, Florianopolis, São Paulo, Bahía or Ceará – or as an alternative investors can look to the agricultural sector and purchase some of the most fertile farmland in the world.

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Brazil]

        Please visit our Brazil Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Chile Real Estate

        Chile Real EstateAs one of the most robust, stable and affluent countries in South America, Chile is one of the most attractive to international investors too.  It’s also a nation where property prices are appreciating, where the economy is growing, and where international business commitment remains strong, underpinning investor potential within the real estate economy.

        As Chile is still considered an emerging market however, it comes with resultant opportunity; yet it is not hampered by many of the risks found in other emerging economies. Chile is considered a transparent nation, where a lack of corruption and widespread trust in public institutions and the legal environment are supporting its positive development.

        For investors wishing to cash in on the wave of Chile’s advancing economic success approaches include targeting commercial real estate which is in growing demand, or developing or letting residential or tourism facing property stock.

        Areas of interest include Santiago, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Pucón and Villarrica Lake or Patagonia.

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Chile]

        Please visit our Chile Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Colombia Real Estate

        Colombia Real EstateColombia’s economy in recent years has been another South American success story; and as it pushes to become the Silicon Valley of South America, Colombia's economy in 2015 is expected to triple in size from just a decade ago according to the IMF.  However, record low oil prices are threatening the economy, and economists say the real estate market has already been negatively impacted.

        As the long-term prospects for Colombia are positive however, against a near-term backdrop of uncertainly, investors are very aware that now could be the perfect time to strike a deal.

        International buyers are free to own land and property, and purchase transaction costs are very low in Colombia.  The nation is also growing in appeal with expatiates seeking a truly emerging nation where they will be assured of a better quality of lower cost life.

        Colombia’s relatively recent history as a drug-related violent country has subdued its appeal and real estate costs alike, and now the country is shaking off this reputation having cleaned up its act, the first ones in will profit the most.

        Parts of the country of appeal to real estate investors and expats include vibrant and modern Bogota, Medellin where it’s perpetually spring in terms of the weather, and the Caribbean vacation city of Cartagena.

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Colombia]

        Please visit our Colombia Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Ecuador Real Estate

        Ecuador Real Estate

        This tiny South American country is hot on the radar for many international real estate buyers today.  It’s been ranked as the best place to retire and the best place to live in the world by 2 leading expatriate organizations in 2015 already, and as a result many are wondering what Ecuador can offer them.

        The fact is the country is facing short-term economic concerns caused in part by falling oil prices, but government appetite exists to diversify the economy, attract sustained foreign investment, and to make the business environment so appealing that the economy remains robust.

        The real estate market has seen strong growth in recent years, but economists say this was a natural adjustment rather than a peak or boom.  Demand is closer to being met by supply now, and as such the market has definitely cooled.  However, with the long-term prospects for Ecuador looking very positive, a considered investment by an overseas investor could reap healthy returns.

        Real estate transactions costs are modest, foreign buyers are free to own property and can be granted residency on the back of their purchase, and as the rental sector locally is very strong this offers a ready made investment approach for a foreign buyer looking for a way in.

        Markets and areas of interest include the stunning tourism hot spots of Salinas and Ruta del Sol, or Manta, Cuenca, the capital of Quito, or even Vilcabamba where everyone seemingly lives forever!

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Ecuador]

        Please visit our Ecuador Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Paraguay Real Estate

        Paraguay Real EstateThis is the one nation in South America that embodies potential more than any of the others – and yet its potential has gone unrealized by so many investors because the legal environment does not robustly support the purchase process.  Those who are confident of their legal team and who are prepared to undertake careful due diligence have one of the most appealing real estate markets in the world at their feet: one where potential returns could be limitless.

        Because Paraguay has only been a true practicing democracy for 21 short years it has so much catching up to do.  Catching up in terms of economic development and fiscal growth, in terms of bridging the gulf between affluent and impoverished, and between embodying potential and actually enabling the realization of that potential by creating a robust legal and administrative backbone.

        Paraguay is appealing to expatriates because it is a stunning and under explored and exploited country, and one where the pace of life is incredibly laid back and family centric.  What’s more, a foreign citizen can freely buy and rent real estate, acquire a residency visa, and relatively easily naturalize and acquire a second passport.

        Investors looking for the best approach to Paraguay’s potential could consider Asunción where the real estate environment is the best regulated and therefore the safest.  Alternatively others are looking to Paraguay’s incredibly fertile farmland sector.

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Paraguay]

        Please visit our Paraguay Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Peru Real Estate

        Peru Real EstateHaving enjoyed an absolutely successful decade of economic advancement between 2002 and 2012, Peru today stands as a still-emerging market offering investors the dual benefits of stability and opportunity.  

        Whilst massive short-term gains from real estate are no longer available, economically and politically speaking Peru has made amazing advances in recent years, giving investors and expatriates the confidence to consider Peru for their future success. 

        Peru’s previous over reliance on mineral exports is being resolved through strategic diversification; add to this the fact that consumer confidence in Peru remains the highest for the Latin American region, and you have plenty of reasons to look to Peru’s real estate sector for investment.

        Locally the demand for homes underpins a strong real estate economy that has already witnessed Spanish, Chilean, American and Chinese buyers making a strong commitment.

        There are a number of pockets of property potential in Peru: from the capital city Lima which is a stunning city offering investors everything from high-end, high-grade modern condominiums, to stunning historical buildings absolutely ripe for renovation and remodeling.  Alternatively consider Asia, Cusco / Sacred Valley and Iquitos.

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Peru]

        Please visit our Peru Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Uruguay Real Estate

        Uruguay Real EstatePopular with investors and expatriates seeking a high-income, well-established nation, Uruguay is the number one choice in South America because it’s ranked first in the Latin American region for democracy, peace and quality of living.  Yet despite the fact it is such an investor and foreign citizen friendly nation, it still manages to be relatively low cost in terms of real estate prices.

        Foreign direct investment is increasing in Uruguay, it has favorable income tax rules for qualifying foreign residents, and overseas buyers are free to own land and property.  The market favors the buyer right now because Argentine and Brazilian buyer interest, which was underpinning strong growth, has dwindled because of domestic restrictions in each nation, resulting in a buyer’s market where deals can be made in Uruguay.

        As the real estate market is considered to be a mature, stable investment platform ideal for long-term commitment, investors have plenty of approaches to consider.  One such approach could be targeting the tourism sector which is growing robustly, and which is supported by government policy.

        Areas of Uruguay of interest to expats and investors include Colonia, Montevideo, Punta del Este and Piriápolis.  And with beautiful old colonial towns and well-established high-end beach resorts, a moderate year-round climate and a very stable real estate market, Uruguay doesn’t have to try too hard to attract expats looking for a wonderful place to live, or investors seeking a secure investment environment.

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Uruguay]

        Please visit our Uruguay Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

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         Real Estate & Property Investments

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          OCEANFRONT Penthouseflorianopolis, brazil, south americanPenthouses$799000.00 USDLUXURY PENTHOUSE 3 BEDROOMS OCEANFRONT ON THEBEACH CANASVIEIRAS-FLORIANÓPOLIS-BRAZIL.WithEntry and the Value Remainder financed by theConstruction Company
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          300Mt Sea Canasvieirasflorianopolis, brazil, south americanApartments and Condominiums$92700.00 USD300mt from theSea Canasvieiras-FLORIANÓPOLIS-BRAZIL-Apartment 1 Bedroom . At 300mt from thebeautiful Canasvieiras Beach in the best point of neighborhord
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          300Mt Sea CANASVIEIRAS Ap 2Dormitflorianopolis, brazil, south americanApartments and Condominiums$147000.00 USD300mt from the Sea Canavieiras-FLORIANÓPOLIS-BRAZIL-Apartment 2 Bedrooms -Financed with Entry and 48 Quotes
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          Apartment 3Dor Financing OCEANFRONTflorianopolis, brazil, south americanApartments and Condominiums$207700.00 USDAPARTMENT 3 DORMITORIES IN FRONT OF the SEA CANASVIEIRAS-BEACH-FLORIANÓPOLIS-BRAZIL.With Entered and the Value Remaining financed by the Constructor
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