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Potential Shortage of 5 Million Homes in Brazil

Homes in Brazil are set to be in short supply in the near future and simply building houses alone won’t solve the problem.

homes in BrazilBrazil needs to take measures to end real estate speculation.
The issue of quality housing has come to the fore, as properties are expropriated to make room for mobility works, and an increasing number of empty buildings are occupied in the great urban centers. The street protests staged in 2013 helped promote the debate on the matter, which is now addressed by presidential candidates as part of their electoral campaigns.
Whoever is elected as Brazil's next head of state will face a shortage of 5 million homes, according to the Ministry of Cities. Building new houses, however, is not enough to tackle this deficiency, experts on city planning have said. Rather, the country's next president will have to face the challenge posed by property speculation.
In the view of Guilherme Boulous, from the national coordination of the Homeless Workers' Movement (MTST), the housing situation in the country deteriorates just as rents are seen to rise.

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