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Property For Rent Belize Virtual Office Services ambergris caye, belize
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    Virtual Offices
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    Property For Sale Bocas Del Toro Lots for Sale bocas del toro, panama
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      Investment Property Belize Hotel Business Investment hopkins, belize
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        Central American Property

        An Overview of  Countries

        The Central American region forms a geographical link connecting the North American continent to the South American continent. The region is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east.  
        The 7 nations and parts of Mexico forming Central America are: 
        The countries are part of the Mesoamerican biodiversity hot spot, and in terms of everything from their peoples and cultures to the individual appeal and opportunity available in each nation in turn, the nations of Central America all represent pure diversity.
        Whilst geographically part of North America, Mexico is often included in a consideration of Central America because of broad similarities to many Central American nations, and because it too represents diversity in terms of the real estate and lifestyle options on offer for expatriates and real estate investors alike.

        Belize Real Estate

        Belize Investment PropertyThe official language in Belize is English, the local currency is pegged 2:1 to the dollar, and because Belize is so accessible from the US it has become extremely popular with North Americans seeking an affordable Caribbean nation to call home.
        The legal system in Belize is robust and based on English Common Law.  Additionally foreign buyers enjoy the same property rights as local citizens.  The real estate buying process is arguably the most transparent for the entire region, and Belize is enjoying a sustainable growth phase in its national real estate economy.
        With a rapidly growing tourism market and an already well-established expatriate market, the real estate investment opportunities in Belize are broad.  They span everything from green field commercial and residential development opportunities, to turnkey managed letting options with guaranteed rental returns.
        Locations ripe for consideration include the resort islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, the favorite expat hub Placencia, and the emerging markets of Corozal and Orange Walk.
        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Belize]

        Please visit our Belize Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Costa Rica Real Estate

        Costa Rica is one of the most politically and economically stable nations in the entire Central American region; unsurprisingly it’s a favorite among North American expats looking for a stunning, affordable and vibrant place to call home, where the standard of living is extremely high.
        Costa Rica has a Civil Law system and the property buying process is straightforward.  However, whilst foreigners can own free title to unrestricted real estate, buyers need to tread carefully utilizing expert legal assistance to ensure they obtain full title.
        The real estate market in Costa Rica remains strong underpinned by international and local demand, as well as a government committed to investing in infrastructure, reigning in public accounts, passing tax reforms, and ultimately bolstering and securing the ongoing success of the economy.
        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Costa Rica]

        Please visit our Costa Rica Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Honduras Real Estate

        Honduras Property InvestmentIn contrast to well-established Belize, Honduras represents cutting edge opportunity for expats and investors alike.  
        In fact, Honduras is a nation of contrasts and one where foreign citizens and buyers need to tread carefully.  Whilst there is certainly the option to discover some of the most beautiful and untouched scenery in Central America, there are also risks associated with buying or relocating to Honduras.
        The safest and therefore the most popular center for all international interest, whether that is tourism, expatriate or real estate investor, is the island of Roatan.
        The largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands Roatan has a large expatriate community, its own international airport, and 2 substantial ports which welcome tens of thousands of cruise ship passengers every single year.
        Whilst politically part of Honduras, Roatan has its own economy underpinned by its exceptionally strong and growing real estate and tourism markets.
        Life on Roatan is high grade, incredibly laid back and affordable, and real estate options include development sites, tourism residential and commercial.

        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Honduras]

        Please visit our Honduras Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Mexico Real Estate

        Because it is connected to the US and is so easily and affordably accessible, Mexico tends to be one of the first countries many Americans consider when seeking investment and lifestyle options abroad.  
        Consequently many stunning and desirable destinations in Mexico are already home to thriving American communities.  What’s more, the buying process is well understood, tried, tested and supportive of foreign purchasers.
        The economy of Mexico is strong for the region and experts agree that the orientation towards fixing the economy’s long-term position exists; added to this is the fact that the tourism economy is robust and continuing to develop.  As a result Mexico is of natural attraction to international real estate investors.
        Investment opportunities are particularly broad in terms of residential and tourism letting and development.  Opportunities for commercial development also exist.
        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Mexico]

        Please visit our Mexico Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Nicaragua Real Estate

        Nicaragua Investment PropertyLocated in the middle of Central America and undoubtedly a beautiful nation, Nicaragua has suffered from misconceptions about its lack of safety as a nation in which to live as a foreigner.  
        Those who suspend preconceptions discover a country that’s actually already home to an increasing number of expatriates, and one where investment opportunities are perhaps unrivaled in the entire region.
        According to a study produced by Harvard's business school affiliate in the Central American region, Nicaragua is the second safest country in the hemisphere after Canada.  It has secure property rights for those who enter into deals following correct legal procedure.
        Investment opportunities are relatively broad, and include restoration as well as new development, and residential and commercial letting.
        Popular markets include Granada, Leon and San Juan del Sur.  Alternatively consider emerging opportunities in San Diego.
        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Nicaragua]

        Please visit our Nicaragua Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Panama Real Estate

        Panama Investment PropertyPanama is the southernmost nation in Central America, and it is one of the most strategically important countries in the world.  It literally forges a link between the North and South American continents, as well as the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans (via the Caribbean Sea), and as a direct result it is a country that enjoys immense international economic input and attention.
        Panama manages to seamlessly combine first world sophistication with untouched cultural integrity, and inimitable real estate investment opportunities with an exceptionally high quality of life.  As a result it is exceptionally popular with expats from around the world, and with real estate investors looking to cash in on an exceptionally broad sector.
        For real estate investors Panama has a strong tourism market, incredibly diverse commercial opportunity, a strong requirement for residential accommodation, and even development opportunities.  The property buying process is straightforward and considered secure for foreign buyers.
        Centers of interest include Panama City, the coastal regions especially the Pacific beaches, David and Boquete where expatriate interest is strong, and the Azuero Peninsula which is considered to be ripe for emerging opportunity.
        [Source: For more information Wikipedia Panama]

        Please visit our Panama Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

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          Ocean View Emerald Coast Villatola, nicaragua, central americanApartments and Condominiums$350000.00 USDLuxury Ocean View Fully Furnished 2-BR, 2-Bath Treehouse Resort Villa on the Nicaragua's Emerald Coast with Amenities and 5% Return on Investment
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