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Property For Sale Dominican Republic Beach Hotel puerto plata, dominican republic
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    $6900000.00 usd
    Investment Property Caribbean Resort and Dive Center roseau, dominica
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      $3000000.00 usd
      Property For Rent Sosua Beach Condo for Rent puerto plata, dominican republic
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        Furnished Apartments
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        $2000.00 usd

        Caribbean Property

        An Overview of  Countries

        The Caribbean region is made up of islands, islets, cays and reefs, most of which are situated on the Caribbean Plate, lying southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America.
        The islands and nations of the Caribbean enjoy remarkable diversity in terms of their flora and fauna, and collectively have been classified as one of Conservation International's biodiversity hot spots because of their exceptionally varied terrestrial and marine ecosystems
        Unsurprisingly considering the entire region spans an area of over a million square miles, climatically and geographically speaking there is a huge difference on an island-by-island basis.  
        The region is arguably most famous for its white sandy beaches and luxurious laid back lifestyle; but equally there are areas of the Caribbean with inaccessible and rocky coastlines, and countries where poverty is of ongoing concern.
        Tourism is a massive driver of economies in the region, along with agriculture and the rich natural resources that many nations of the Caribbean enjoy.  
        In a bid to diversify and strengthen their economies a large number of the Caribbean countries have sought to develop their tourism offering, their real estate economies, and some have even developed citizenship by investment programs.

        Bahamas Real Estate

        Bahamas Real EstateThe Bahamas is an island country of the Lucayan Archipelago: it lies in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and Hispaniola. As a tax-attractive, investor-friendly destination the Bahamas also enjoys strong tourism interest and a very healthy real estate market.  The market was impacted by the global economic downturn, but has rebounded very well. 
        Foreign buyers are free to purchase real estate in the Bahamas, and investors can enjoy healthy returns from letting to tourists. 
        Although not technically part of the Bahamas, the Turks & Caicos are often included in a description of the destination for a property investor’s consideration, because the islands share many traits. They enjoyed a massive increase in sales by dollar volume between 2009 and 2013, and like the Bahamas the Turks & Caicos islands are now almost back to pre-recession prices.
        Both the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos represent a fantastic opportunity to real estate investors looking for already established destinations where there is strong interest, and long-term potential for growth.
        Please visit our Bahamas Real Estate page for more information and property listings

        Barbados Real Estate 

        Barbados Real EstateBarbados is a sovereign island country in the Lesser Antilles, located in the western area of the North Atlantic.  The tourism and real estate economies in Barbados are very well established, and even during the worst of the global financial crisis the property market survived largely unscathed.
        Despite being considered a luxury real estate market there are some lower priced entry points, relatively speaking.  
        Those investors buying specifically for investment purposes, who want to leverage their assets for the strongest returns, are advised to buy as close to the beachfront as possible in Barbados, or to buy within a resort with the very best amenities.
        The Financial Times ranks Barbados one of the most attractive countries for direct foreign investment in the Caribbean and Central American region, and it’s regularly rated as one of the best places in the world to buy real estate.
        Investors looking for probably the best-established property market with exceptionally strong potential in the Caribbean region should certainly consider Barbados.
        [Source: For more information Barbados Wikipedia]
        Please visit our Barbados Real Estate page for more information and property listings]

        Cayman Islands Real Estate

        Cayman Islands Real EstateLying in the Western Caribbean Sea the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman make up the Cayman Islands.  
        The islands are easily and directly accessible from the US, have a healthy offshore financial sector, enjoy tax haven status, and embody all that’s desirable about the Caribbean region: i.e., a fabulous climate, luxurious lifestyle and wonderful scenery.
        The Cayman Islands have a thriving tourism economy and real estate market also.  Foreigners are unrestricted and can own free title to real estate; what’s more the investment property landscape is well established and potentially very profitable.
        Persons of independent means who invest in real estate can acquire residency.  The quality of life available in the Cayman Islands is high, but so too is the cost of living.  However this is offset by the fact that no direct personal taxation is incurred by residents of the Cayman Islands.
        From a real estate investor’s perspective there is a well-established multi-tier market, offering profitable opportunity for investors targeting either residential or commercial property.
        [Source: For more information Cayman Islands Wikipedia]
        Please visit our Cayman Islands Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Dominica Real Estate

        Dominica Real EstateDominica is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, south-southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique.
        Unlike many of the most popular Caribbean destinations, Dominica is not blessed with palm fringed white sandy beaches, nor does it have a thriving tourism industry or real estate economy.
        What Dominica is famous for is having the most cost effective citizenship by investment program in the world however, and recent developments of the program now mean that an investor can qualify for citizenship through real estate investment.
        Despite not embodying what many consider to be the best traits of the Caribbean such as perfect beaches and a luxurious lifestyle, Dominica is a stunning destination in its own right, growing as an eco-tourism hot spot thanks to its lush and verdant scenery.
        With the development and wide promotion of its citizenship program it is beginning to enjoy some growth in its property market.
        Qualifying investors who purchase real estate valued at in excess of US$200,000 can obtain citizenship, which in turn provides the benefits of visa-free travel to 60 countries including the United Kingdom, minimal tax burden, freedom to live and work in Dominica and other CARICOM countries, and confidentiality in terms of obtaining and maintaining dual citizenship.
        [Source: For more information Dominica Wikipedia]
        Please visit our Dominica Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Dominican Republic Real Estate

        Dominican Republic Real EstateThe Dominican Republic is one of the 2 nations on the island of Hispaniola, and it’s part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region
        The nation has the largest economy in the Central American and Caribbean region, and is the number 1 tourism destination for the Caribbean.  Yet in spite of these positives real estate remains relatively affordable, and real estate investors have room for profit from well-targeted investments.
        The Dominican Republic endures wealth disparity and the natural issues this creates; greater transparency in the property purchase process is also required.  Growing international interest in the country’s real estate economy is however a natural driver towards achieving transparency, and towards bolstering the economy.
        Investor commitment is being actively encouraged in the Dominican Republic with the development of new areas of the nation as tourism hubs.  This is creating an expansion in tourism interest, and a growing demand for everything from accommodation to the services and amenities that travelers expect. 
        With tax incentives offered by the Dominican Republic to foreign investors and international retirees, the nation is of strong and broad appeal to expatriates and real estate investors alike.
        [Source: For more information Dominican Republic Wikipedia]
        Please visit our Dominican Republic Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        Jamaica Real Estate

        Jamaica Real EstateJamaica is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles, and as a still-developing economy it offers investors a very well priced entry point to the Caribbean, as well as positive prospects for medium to long-term profitability.
        International buyers are permitted to own free title to real estate in Jamaica, and are strongly encouraged to retain legal representation throughout the acquisition process.
        There are areas of the nation that are more or less appealing from an investment, tourism and even safety perspective, and any buyer should be guided by these facts. 
        The tourism sector is critical to the ongoing positive development of the nation’s economy, and to the development of the real estate market.  The positive news is that the direct contribution of tourism to Jamaica’s GDP is expected to grow by almost 5% pa over the next 10 years.  This could have a very positive effect on the real estate market too.
        [Source: For more information Jamaica Wikipedia]
        Please visit our Jamaica Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

        St Kitts & Nevis Real Estate

        Saint Kitts and Nevis Real EstateSituated in the Leeward Islands, the twin island West Indies country of St. Kitts and Nevis has a healthy property economy, now well rooted as part of its successful citizenship by investment program.
        Investors who purchase qualifying property worth over US$400,000 within approved developments can qualify for citizenship.  
        This brings the benefits of visa free travel to more than 120 countries and territories worldwide including all of the EU, and tax-free living as there are no direct personal taxes in St. Kitts and Nevis.
        As the islands have recently sought to develop their tourism interest, this is proving to be a second driver to the real estate economy.  Property values and rental yields have been steadily increasing as a result.
        The majority of foreign buyers are seeking to acquire citizenship however.
        [Source: For more information Saint Kitts and Nevis Wikipedia]
        Please visit our Saint Kitts and Nevis Real Estate page for more information and property listings.

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         Real Estate & Property Investments

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          Caribbean Resort and Dive Centerroseau, dominica, caribbeanHotels$3000000.00 USD2.4 Acres of Prime Dominica beachfront real estate bordering with freshwater river. Popular turnkey resort, restaurant, dive centre with existing clientele
        • property-photo
          Caribbean Sea Mountainview Propertyroseau, dominica, caribbeanLand$225000.00 USD1.89 acres Caribbean real estate with lush forest, panoramic mountain and sea views, short walk to Dominica's famous and therapeutic Cold Sulfur Springs
        • property-photo
          Sosua Beach Condo for Rentpuerto plata, dominican republic, caribbeanFurnished Apartments$2000.00 USD3 bedroom, 3 bathroom beach front condo available for long-term rent in Sosua, Dominican Republic. Directly on beautiful calm beach.
        • property-photo
          Luxury Ocean Front Home Cabaretepuerto plata, dominican republic, caribbeanHouses$1850000.00 USDCabarete, Dominican Republic. Luxury home in exclusive Sea Horse Ranch community.
        • property-photo
          Dominican Republic Profitable Hotelpuerto plata, dominican republic, caribbeanCommercial$998000.00 USDSmall 21 room hotel for sale in central Sosua, Dominican Republic. Only 10 minutes from the Puerto Plata International Airport. Steps to beautiful beach.
        • property-photo
          Dominican Republic Development Landpuerto plata, dominican republic, caribbeanHotels$3500000.00 USDNorth Coast, Dominican Republic beach front development land. Located only 15 mins from Puerto Plata Airport. Partially built 481 room hotel. 60m beachfront
        • property-photo
          Dominican Republic Beach Hotelpuerto plata, dominican republic, caribbeanCommercial$6900000.00 USDSosua, Dominican Republic Beach Hotel, Commercial real estate property, 89 Rooms, Only 10 minutes from Puerto Plata Airport
        • property-photo
          Dominican Republic Beachfront Hotelpuerto plata, dominican republic, caribbeanHotels$14500000.00 USDLuperon Dominican Republic Hotel for Sale, Beach Resort Property, Non-Operational
        • property-photo
          Cayman Islands Hotel Sitegeorge town, cayman islands, caribbeanLand$525000.00 USDCayman Islands hotel site is .76+/- Acres on the East End of Grand Cayman for sale. Former Hotel and Dive Lodge site. Great investment.
        • property-photo
          Cayman Development Site for Salegeorge town, cayman islands, caribbeanDevelopments Land$14500000.00 USDCayman Islands hotel site for sale in Georgetown on Grand Cayman. This hotel development site is located next to the Ritz Carlton Hotel on 7 Mile Beach.
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